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Fresh Approach Coaching | WLS Life and Mindset Coaching

The Fresh Approach


SESSION is now filled, as of 6/12/19. For more info, email: mary@maryeclark.com

SIX WEEKS: Choose 3 goals you can't seem to make progress with, and finally get the results you've been hoping for!

Let’s say you’re doing great with vitamins, sleep is on point, and you love to exercise! But your night-time snacking has you feeling stuck, or you never seem to drink enough water. Or maybe you’re finding it hard to set boundaries with yourself and others, and you never really get around to taking care of yourself!

We’ll get LASER-FOCUSED on 3 specific goals and get you the results you’ve been longing for! Once we have your goals strategized, I’ll be checking in with you via text & email to see how you’re doing AND to brainstorm & coach you through anything that gets in your way!

  • One 60-minute session
  • Three 30-minute sessions
  • Your personal accountability partner – me!
  • Emails to educate, encourage, and inspire!

One payment of $347, or two payments of $187

THREE MONTHS: Finally, those habits you've been hoping would just become part of who you are and how you live your daily life - become a reality and YOU achieve your goals! Here's how...

We’re going to create your personalized plan, together, and we’ll keep adjusting it until it works for you, and you’re making consistent progress! We strategize your steps for each goal – actions that work for you and the realities of your life! Otherwise, what’s the point of planning?

We also get clear on what’s been getting in your way – what’s prevented you from achieving your goals in the past. Then we’ll equip you with the tools & skills you need so the next time something tries to get in your way, you know HOW to manage it!

You’re not doing this alone! I’ll be checking in with you…every day, every few days – whatever works best for you! If things are coming up that are getting in the way – we’ll work through them together!

  • Three 60-minute sessions
  • Five 30-minute sessions.
  • Eight Insight + Action plans… you get a summary of everything we talked about – it’s your roadmap!
  • Get Clear on Your Goals worksheets, Tools & Skills pages
  • Your personal accountability partner…me!
  • UNLIMITED text & email access to me for clarity check-ins and brainstorming… THIS matters!
  • Emails to educate, encourage, and inspire you!

One payment of $687, or three payments of $244.

Got questions? I’ve got answers! Just CLICK HERE and tell me what you want to know!


Wonder what I sound like on the phone? I mean, do you want to know if we’ll make a good fit? CLICK HERE and schedule your FREE 15-minute “Getting to know you” call!