Are you ready to set yourself up for BIG WINS this spring??

Then take a page out of Jen’s book!

A few months ago Jen was pretty upset about her “BEST-LAID PLANS” that hadn’t worked out the way she thought they would.

Much like me, and possibly like you, Jen thought she’d be THE ONE who would…

  • Keep it all together.
  • Follow through with everything.
  • Not encounter any problems.
  • Get it all done no matter what!

And much like me, and possibly like you, she experienced something very different.

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And it HIT HER HARD when a coworker who had been on medical leave for about six months, returned to work and said to Jen…

“I thought you had weight loss surgery. I didn’t know you could gain the weight back after that.”

Yeah, she said that.

And while Jen was seriously shocked and hurt by what her coworker said, she went home and thought about what had really been going on over the last six months.

  • Working out 4-5 times each week had dwindled down to 2 times, if she was lucky.
  • Planning and prepping all her lunches and dinners for the week was replaced with winging-it.
  • She had increased coffee (not decaf) and decreased water.
  • Her sleep wasn’t as good.
  • A little snacking here and there had become…snacking frequently.

“But how did I let this happen? I wasn’t going to let this be me!”

This is what Jen emailed me before we started working together.

She also had some unkind things to say about herself, much like I used to, and possibly like you might do.

“I don’t have the right self-discipline, I never have…I didn’t stay on top of everything the way I should…I got lazy.”

First things first, Jen and I focused on self-compassion.
Yes, this is where you MUST begin.

And I will say it ONE MILLION more times if I need to…

Actually it’s IMPOSSIBLE to sustain healthy practices if you’re not also treating yourself with love and kindness.

After Jen was equipped & reinforced with SELF-COMPASSION practices, we got down to business.

At first Jen insisted she should just go back to doing everything how she did 6-9 months ago.

“I just need to go back to spending my Sundays planning, shopping and prepping…and getting up at 5 AM to work out.”😳

Whenever I hear phrases like “go back” or “get back on track” the red flags go up! 🚩🚩🚩

You may have heard me say before I don’t believe you can “go back” or “get back on track”.

Instead, you’ve got to GO FORWARD and CREATE A NEW TRACK for the realities of your life NOW.

  • Your life is always evolving.
  • Your schedule at work and at home.
  • Family dynamics, situations, and priorities.
  • How you like to do things, your tastes and preferences.

Heck, YOU are not the same person you were 6-9 months ago, and neither am I.

And so when you find yourself in a place you don’t want to be – like Jen – you’ve got to create a NEW PERSONALIZED PLAN.

Jen and I GOT CLEAR on what was happening in her life when she went from exercising 4-5 times each week to 2 times.


It’s important Jen doesn’t see herself as falling down on the job because she’s innately lazy, or that she doesn’t perceive herself as having a character flaw.

What I’ve learned over my last 18 years working with weight loss surgery patients…if we stop following through on healthy practices, there’s ALWAYS a reason. It’s not a lack of WILLPOWER, SELF-DISCIPLINE, or a LAZINESS issue.


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Jen and I went through each of the seven bariatric surgery guidelines and GOT CLEAR on where she wanted to be with each one, what’s been getting in her way, the realities of her current life, her likes & dislikes, and she GOT GOING with her own personalized plan for success!
In the following weeks, we continued to watch out for what was getting in the way of Jen following through with her plan.

  • Whether it was a friend who seemed to call just as she was about to start exercising.
  • A craving she had for Doritos at 10 PM.
  • Trouble letting her sister know WHY she wanted to spend her birthday-weekend camping instead of in Las Vegas.
  • Thoughts about prioritizing & balancing taking care of herself AND taking care of her family.

We continued to Fine-Tune Jen’s plan!

It really IS THE BEST!

What happened with Jen happens to me, and my hunch is – it happens with you too.

Until you…

  • Talk about what’s going on.
  • Speak the words out INTO THE LIGHT to someone you trust.
  • Get help sorting it all out and putting a realistic plan in place…you stay stuck!

If I didn’t talk things out with MY coach, there are parts of my life where I might stay stuck too…because I can’t see the forest for the trees…I can’t see the whole picture!

Jen is now WELL ON HER WAY to living her healthiest and happiest life with weight loss surgery.

She is well-equipped with the tools and skills to sort things out and re-organize her plan as necessary.

πŸƒThe Fresh Approach SPRING SESSION is open now! More info below!πŸƒ

She’s on HIGH ALERT for opportunities to Adjust, Adapt, and Pivot with her plan as life happens.

And to keep herself Fine-Tuned, we continue to check in whenever she needs to.

The Fresh Approach process…works.

Now it’s your turn to experience what it’s like to wake up every morning with confidence – knowing you have a personalized plan for your day all laid out! No second-guessing or worrying necessary!

And how it feels to go to bed each night feeling good about the choices you made, knowing you took THE BEST care of yourself throughout the day.

I get it, you’ve had some BUMPS IN THE ROAD of life since you had surgery, and it’s taken you a little off your planned course.

Or you’ve just begun your journey and you’re already seeing how things can get in the way of your BEST-LAID PLANS…and you want to keep taking the best care of yourself so you can reach your goals.

No worries! You and I can work on everything TOGETHER this spring!πŸƒ

Are you ready?

So let’s make it happen!

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  • You’ll leave our conversation with clear & simple steps to begin moving in the direction of your goals.
  • You can ask me all your questions, and if it feels like a fit we’ll talk about working together.πŸ’›

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I hope we’ll be talking soon!

Love, light, and grace to you, Mary πŸ’›